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Spreading Empathy for a Better Tomorrow 

Reflect Empathy is a teen-led 501(c)(3) organization committed to teaching empathy to young leaders around the world. Through empathic leadership, we can improve equity and social justice worldwide.


We are an organization devoted to expanding empathy, respect, and sensitivity among young leaders in their communities and globally.

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Why Youth?

Youth are a fundamental part of driving social equity and justice. Research shows empathy among young students is declining. Empathy is a teachable skill that enables individuals to connect with others fostering a sense of compassion and understanding. 

What We Do

We have a distinct approach to teaching empathy. We have developed a innovative curriculum for student-led clubs around the world. At the end of the year we evaluate these programs to ensure they are effective. The goal will be to continue to refine and scale them to broaden our reach.


The four elements of our approach include:

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Teaching Tools

Provide young leaders a set of tools to teach empathy in their local chapters. 



Identify opportunities for members to expand their perspectives through dialogue with people in their communities or victims of social injustice.

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Service Learning

Volunteer and/or fundraise for crises affecting local or global communities and invite speakers to share their experiences.


Passion Projects

Identify global case studies leveraging art and literature which have the unique ability to evoke emotions, stimulate discussions, and provide diverse perspectives. 

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