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Our Mission

From the Rohingya in Myanmar, to the women and girls suffering in Afghanistan, to the people of Ukraine suffering from Russian attacks, there are problems around the world that we can’t even fathom. There are people who have hope that one day, that their voices can be heard. That one day, they can be recognized as human beings. That one day they will no longer be ostracized and oppressed.

They are hoping, praying, for this invisible force that is fueled by love, hope, and understanding. This most powerful force that can change the world is empathy. The act of stepping into the shoes of another person, understanding their problems, feelings, and perspectives. To utilize this force of understanding and love to guide our actions, to open the gate of our moral concern.


Many may see empathy as a parochial system, but it is the exact opposite. We can use empathy to hone in, to individualize and give a human face to the marginalized people of the world. So we understand the reality of their lives. So we don’t treat them as an abstract statistic found in the news, or stereotype.

Conversation, dialogues across social divides between different ethnic, religious, and political groups, using tools that society has provided like art, literature, and film, facilitate social connections across the globe, so we can cross the barrier of distance, and we can step into the shoes of the oppressed.


Near or far, we can individualize anyone, from those suffering in Ukraine,  to a homeless person on the street, empathy is the guide to social change. Our mission at Reflect Empathy, is to perpetuate the spread of love and peace, thereby spreading empathic humanitarianism.

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