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Ukraine Anthology

Galvanized for Change

What is the difference between watching the news and living an experience? Reflect Empathy has created an anthology of original student poems, prose, and artwork from the United States and Ukraine, to juxtapose the perception and actual experiences of the Ukraine War. We hope this will create an avenue for empathy in the reader. We will not just remember the number of lives lost, but also the lives themselves.


The project is a year-long global case study leveraging art and literature which have the unique ability to evoke emotions, stimulate discussions, and provide diverse perspectives. 


The anthology is now available for sale on Amazon. All proceeds from the sales will be used to fund scholarships for Ukrainian students.

How and Why

On February 24th, 2022, when the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine, we were devastated. We watched as tanks rolled down Ukrainian streets, and both felt an invisible force. We empathized with the Ukrainian people. Their lives would never be the same.


What could we, as young teens in the US do to help? 


Our Methods

  • Partner with organizations such as Teenside Bezprobiliv

  • Spread opportunities to classrooms in the US and Ukraine

  • Use local and national media outlets to market our cause

  • Reach out to refugee and Ukrainian cultural centers

Why Youth?

  • People are very likely to listen and empathize with younger voices / all ages can empathize 

  • Children may discover writing and art as a feasible outlet to express their emotions

  • More people can see a global crisis from a less biased perspective

  • Reflect Empathy is a student-led    501(c)(3) nonprofit organization



  • The anthology is published via Amazon and sold internationally

  • All proceeds will go to granting our Ukrainian authors and artists scholarships for higher education

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