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Submit to the Ukraine Anthology

Reflect Empathy invites submissions of poetry, prose, and art from middle and high school students for our Ukraine anthology. See the guidelines for the themed writing prompts and submission details BELOW. Please note that the prompt for Ukraine and the United States is different. 



Reflect Empathy is organizing an anthology of poems, prose, and artwork from students from the United States and Ukraine, to juxtapose the perception and actual experiences of the Ukraine War. We hope this will create an avenue for empathy in the reader. Ultimately, we will publish this anthology and create scholarships with the proceeds from the publication to aid Ukrainian students for higher education.


Prompt for US Students

We as Americans are accustomed to seeing statistics in the news that represent a crisis. However, these crises have stories beyond just the numbers we assign to them. Imagine life in Ukraine, and every obstacle an innocent civilian endures to stay safe, to stay alive. 


Compose an original piece about the war in Ukraine and how your own feelings of empathy can impact our understanding of the struggle. How can we represent the crisis not just as numbers, but as an encapsulation of the fear and anxiety the Ukrainian people are living with. Only then can we truly empathize.


Prompt for Ukrainian Students

Ukraine is at war. The media delivers information that only scratches the surface of the struggles endured by Ukrainians. We want to hear your experience about life in Ukraine - the struggles, but also the hope of the people. We strive to give stories to the statistics. 



Students can submit their original works in any form, including poetry (of any length and style), fiction, nonfiction and artwork (including photography). Each student can submit up to three individual pieces.


Submissions must be sent in via email to with “Ukraine Anthology Submission” and the name of the student in the subject line. (Ex. Ukraine Anthology Submission - Charles Dickens)


All submissions must include:


A cover letter with the following:

  • The writer’s name

  • The titles of the pieces submitted

  • The writer's email

  • Name of the writer’s current school

  • A brief biography of the writer (1-2 sentences)

  • Example Cover Letter

If you are submitting artwork, please include the medium of your piece(s) on the cover letter


The writer’s pieces may begin on the next page. Each piece should begin on a new page. Have the title of the piece bolded on the first page of each piece.


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